Some Inspiration: Finalists of the Second Annual Whalebone Photo Contest

Some Inspiration: Finalists of the Second Annual Whalebone Photo Contest

Whalebone Magazine (the self-proclaimed ninth-best magazine in the world) just wrapped up their Second Annual Whalebone Photo Contest, leading up to the release of their aptly named Photo Issue. Categories included Water, Adventure, Human, Motion, Joy, and Weather — whatever those things mean to you.

All of the categories were very intentionally up for interpretation, which resulted in an incredible range of creative submissions. It could just be me, but I feel like many contests these days have certain expectations and a certain type of photo that has a chance at becoming a finalist. Don’t get me wrong–there isn’t anything inherently wrong with that expectation, as many contests are very niche or tailored to specific audiences. However, their dedication to artist interpretation and creativity really attracted me to it and created a batch of finalists that are so wide-ranging and all spectacular. Now, without further adieu, here are the category winners (all finalists can be seen at the Whalebone Print Shop:

Michael Francis Connelly | Hide ‘N’ Suck

Mark McInnis | Mulcoy’s World

Tyler Schank | Harmony House Hugs

Siddharth Kaneria | Wall of Death

Sultan Ahmed Niloy | Enjoying the biggest festival Durga Puja

Daniel Pullen | Tidal Pool

It is reviving to see a particularly fantastic assortment of pieces and styles sharing the consistent idea of a general classification subject. Without precedent for quite a while, I was not just eager to see the entirety of the finalists (also being chosen as a finalist myself) yet in addition motivated by the innovativeness they all brought to the table. Gracious, and did I specify that the challenge passages and related print deals support No Kid Hungry?

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