Ever Wished You Could Adapt Your Medium Format Glass to Your Full Frame Camera and Keep the Medium Format Look? Now You Can

Do you wish you could adjust your medium arrangement glass so you could shoot medium organization pictures on your full casing camera? This connector does precisely that, giving you the entirety of the great goal and focal point execution that accompanies it.

The Rhinocam Vertex is an inventive new connector from Fotodiox and accessible for a wide scope of focal point mounts. As found by Mathieu Stern as a feature of his proceeding with examination into peculiar focal points, the connector is astonishingly successful, though with a couple of bargains required by the revolution. The cycle is like the Brenizer strategy, a top pick among wedding picture takers for making high goal pictures that cover a moderately wide point yet with an exceptionally shallow profundity of field, accomplishing a mix of width and bokeh that would somehow or another be incomprehensible.

The connector is astute and makes you can’t help thinking about why nobody has concocted this gadget previously, viably pivoting the sensor with the goal that it can claim to be bigger than it is.

The RhinoCam Vertex comes in renditions that will interface with Nikon Z, Canon RF, and Sony E-mount cameras. Each mount has a variant that at that point adjusts Hasselblad V-mount, Bronica ETR mount, Pentax 6×7, and Pentax 645 focal points.

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