Canon Rumored to Announce an Entirely Different Mirrorless Camera Soon

Canon Rumored to Announce an Entirely Different Mirrorless Camera Soon

We know the EOS R1, Canon’s leader mirrorless camera, is on its way eventually this year. Be that as it may, a spilled picture of another camera just dropped, and it would seem that Canon has huge plans.

Nokishita has released the main picture of the EOS R3, which is supposed have an advancement declaration inescapable.

A 3 series body has not been seen since the film days, so it is a bit tricky to surmise what this body’s place in the Canon mirrorless lineup might be. That being said, lower numbers correspond to higher capabilities, so an R3 would be positioned below a flagship R1, but above the already capable R5. It is possible this is meant to be an ultra-high-resolution body. Whereas the company’s high-resolution DSLR was an extension of the 5D line (the 5DS), a built-in grip might push Canon to distinguish it as its own line. A built-in grip on a high-resolution camera is not without precedent for the company; back in the 2000s, before the 1D X, the flagship line was actually split in two. The 1D line consisted of high-speed, lower-resolution bodies with APS-H sensors meant for sports, wildlife, and photojournalism, while the 1Ds line had higher-resolution full frame bodies that were meant for studio work. The EOS R3 could be the analog to the 1Ds. Hopefully, we’ll see a development announcement soon.

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